Rescued and Reformed



COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Rescued and Reformed is a ministry established to speak biblically rooted Gospel truth into the lives, circumstances, and struggles of first responders. We will be reaching out to police, fire, ems, and military members to help them with the unique struggles that their career field brings. The founders of this ministry are first responders. The name Rescued and Reformed represents the desire to rescue our first responders from false understandings and worldly teachings by sharing the gospel, in order that the Holy Spirit will work in reforming them into a representation of the image of Christ. Our mission, the sharing of the Gospel with other first responders, is a widespread one. There is a critical need for first responders to understand the truth of scripture and how God, through his word, speaks into the struggles that first responders deal with on a daily basis. Our ministry is established to show first responders that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Works-based salvation leaves the heart and soul unfulfilled and condemned. It comes back void and leads to despair. It has ended life in suicide and encourages self-indulgence. Our prayerful hope is in the redeeming power of the Gospel, rightly presented to our brothers and sisters, reconciling them to Christ. As the struggles of life bear down on first responders, our desire is that they will know that Christ meets their need of salvation. We pray for your support in helping us in our mission to share the true Gospel with the men and women who serve our communities daily. Thank you for your support and God bless.

COMPANY SERVICES: First Responder Faith Based Peer Support Monthly Meetings First Responder Faith Based Network  




EMPLOYMENT CITY: St. Louis County and St. Louis City