In Support of Police Officer Rodney Woodall.

ROUND ONE From the Northern hills of Lafayette County, Mississippi you have one family, with one fight. At the age of seven, Rodney’s childhood cancer diagnosis turned up the love, faith and close bond for that entire family. This life interruption was round one of the family fight, building muscle and training for future rounds in a different ring. With the grace of God and St. Jude’s Research Hospital being an hour away, restoration and remission were realized, reactivating Rodney’s dream to be an athlete, specifically to play football. And playing football he did. At the discouragement of his cancer doctors, Rodney’s desire to play football exceeded this caution as he excelled at Lafayette County High School, Northwest Community College and Southeast Missouri State. Truly a blessing. After completing college, Rodney married his college sweetheart and their family grew with three children. Rodney’s call to protect and serve was evident as he accepted a law enforcement position in St. Louis.

ROUND TWO The family made St. Louis their home, and Rodney continued to serve his community as a decorated law enforcement officer. Round two presented itself in Rodney’s life now as an adult. Rodney began having some long-term side effects from the chemotherapy medicines used to treat his childhood cancer. He began experiencing diminished energy, chest pains, labored breathing, and more. All these things led to Rodney being hospitalized and a diagnosis of stage four heart failure at the age of 43. After unsuccessful attempts with different medicines and interventions, he was referred to the heart failure team at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis to begin a heart transplant process.

THE KNOCKOUT As family prayed and prepared for a long journey of receiving a heart, their prayers were answered in a little over two weeks. After sixteen days of being officially listed on the heart transplant list, Rodney was blessed with a new heart. Praise be to God! The nine-hour surgery went smoothly, with several days in intensive care afterward. Even though Rodney progressed well after surgery, round-the-clock care was needed to ensure the best possible outcome. Understandably, this intensive care severely impacted Rodney’s family income. On behalf of Rodney and The Woodall Family, we seek monetary donations to relieve the financial burden incurred during Rodney’s heart transplant. “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

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