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At Dogtown Sports Collectibles, every gift is a homerun. Find awesome memorabilia for yourself or a loved one.

Meaningful Memorabilia

Clyde and Bettina Woolbrite, the owners of Dogtown Sports Collectibles in St. Louis, have a deep passion for sports like many other St. Louisans. A U.S. military veteran, Clyde has collected sports memorabilia since 1978. In 2013, he and Bettina opened up shop. Dogtown Sports is where folks buy, sell, and trade St. Louis sports collectibles and authentically autographed classics.

A proud sponsor and monthly member of St. Louis Hero Network, Dogtown Sports Collectibles is a sports shop unlike any other in St. Louis. To add that special touch to your favorite piece, they specialize in engraving and framing. That combined with their family-friendly service and affordable prices makes their business a grand slam.


St. Louis is Cardinals Nation, and Dogtown Sports Collectibles has everything our city needs to represent the home team, from autographed baseballs to framed snapshots. Vintage treasures and sought-after Sports Illustrated covers barely scratch the surface of their ever-changing inventory. Merchandise featuring hometown heroes like Bob Gibson and Lou Brock can be found at Dogtown Collectibles, as well. Each trip to this eclectic store is a journey through time, letting you relive some of St. Louis’s most memorable sports moments.


Many of us remember the rush of joy and adrenaline when our boys in blue brought home the Stanley Cup in 2019. Whether you were in the stands or the living room with your closest friends and family chanting “Let’s go, Blues!”, it’s a memory we’ll never forget. “Gloria!” lyrics run through some of our heads to this day. Dogtown Sports Collectibles carries framed press releases, signed hockey pucks, and even limited edition bobbleheads. No matter what you choose, this memory can hold a special place in your home for all your visitors to see.

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Sports cultivate a universal love that brings us all together. For example, we all find common ground in our appreciation for what’s known to many as America’s favorite pastime. Thankfully, the feelings of triumph and togetherness don’t have to end at the arena or baseball field. Dogtown Sports Collectibles is your framing expert and go-to memorabilia shop. St. Louis Hero Network is honored to include them in our directory. If you’d like to show your support for this beloved veteran-owned business, visit their store and explore all they have to offer. Follow Dogtown Sports Collectibles on Facebook or see their listing on our website. If you have any questions about item availability or other inquiries, email [email protected].

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