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From police and fire departments to EMS providers, public safety personnel have their hands full when it comes to responding to emergencies. But they can’t do it without the right equipment. That’s why Defender Product Solutions is committed to ensuring that every vehicle is outfitted with the best safety equipment, from lights to gun racks, sirens, cages, and more.

With years of experience in law enforcement, Defender Product Solutions works hard to close the service gap in the public safety industry by providing quality mobile emergency vehicle equipment sales, installation, and upfitting for both new and used vehicles.

A Complete Suite of Emergency Vehicle Services

Emergency Lighting Solutions That Illuminate the Industry

When emergency vehicles are responding to a call, they often navigate through heavy traffic and crowded streets. This can be extremely difficult, and every second counts. Having proper lighting on your public safety vehicle can alert other drivers and pedestrians to your presence and provide you with the space you need to reach your destination safely and quickly.

Additionally, emergency lighting is essential for alerting the public to the presence of emergency services and is particularly important in dangerous situations. Whether there’s a fire, a dangerous suspect, or a roadblock, you need to be able to divert the public from the scene to keep them safe.

Defender Product Solutions offers a range of vehicle lighting solutions tailored to the unique needs of your fleet of vehicles. From light bars and LED dashboard lights to spotlights and grille mounts, they have everything you need to illuminate the field and keep the public safe.

Want to learn more about how Defender Product Solutions helps you light up the road? Explore their comprehensive lighting solutions so you can continue doing your civic duty.

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Public Safety Vehicle Equipment for Comprehensive Protection

Defender Product Solutions also provides a wide selection of public safety vehicle equipment and accessories, including gun racks, security cages, bumper attachments, sirens, and more. These pieces of equipment are essential in ensuring safety for both the public and law enforcement.

For example, gun racks can securely store weapons, preventing them from being accessed by unauthorized personnel, and security cages can avoid violence in transit. Additionally, bumpers can be used to traverse through debris, and sirens can be used to make announcements in the street.

Equipment Installation, Repair Services, and Vehicle Upfitting

Defender Product Solutions goes above and beyond regarding public safety vehicles. They not only provide a diverse range of equipment and lighting solutions but also comprehensive installation services and upfitting. Whether you need a new spotlight installed on an older model vehicle or a secure gun rack placed in between the seats, you can be confident in your equipment’s performance with Defender Product Solutions.

Defender Product Solutions also provides onsite and mobile emergency vehicle repair. Whether you have engine troubles or a flat tire, you can count on them to get you back up and running in no time.

Discover the Defender Product Difference

Defender Product Solutions strives to make emergency vehicles safer for the sake of the public and law enforcement. With years of experience in law enforcement, they’ve used this equipment firsthand and know what it takes to ensure safety.

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