Winter Weather Hazards: Science and Preparedness

DATE: October 22, 2019

TEACHER: MO Emergency Management

Course Description: This eight-hour awareness-level course is designed to prepare participants to
understand the basics of winter weather science, the winter weather forecasting
process, how winter weather forecasts are communicated, and the fundamentals of
winter weather safety and preparedness. Since winter storms can strike every state
in the United States, it is important that every community be ready for the hazards
associated with them. This awareness-level course will fulfill the goals of the
“whole community” approach to emergency management by reaching a broad
sector of the community. Multiple core capabilities will be addressed, with
particular emphasis on” public information and warning” and “threats and hazard
identification.” Participants who represent sectors such as mass care services,
health and social services, operational communications, critical transportation,
and planning would further expand the discussions in this course to other
corresponding core capabilities.
AWR331_Winter Weather Hazards_StLouis_October_22_2019