Lake H.O.T.

DATE: March 02, 2019

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Join us at the Lake of the Ozarks for FREE training! March 2nd and 3rd the Lake Area Emergency Services Association will be hosting O’Byrne Fireground Training, Local Emergency Training Specialists (LETS), Leadership Development Concepts and Mid-County’s own Rob Odenwald for a fantastic weekend of learning Hands On Training and firefighter/Officer development! The best part? FREE!
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Thank you to the Division of Fire Safety and the Grant Commission for making such outstanding training available to the first responders of Missouri!
Class Descriptions:

LDC Class: Rescuing the Leader Inside You is an eight hour, intensive workshop designed to mold participants into principle focused leaders in fire safety. Participants learn the EMPOWER model. Internalized, this model imbues participants with tools engineered to maximize the ability to balance their personal efficiency and effectiveness. Participants then, attempt to apply the model in pre arranged high energy, deep impact scenarios against specially trained improvisational actors.
This program is designed specifically for Emergency Service professionals. While these professionals are well trained in the fundamentals of emergency service, this course focuses on a principle centered approach to applying these skills.
Emergency Service professionals who internalize the principles of the EMPOWER model, will create organizations with leaders at every level.
Rescuing the Leader Inside You is an excellent mix of lecture, illustrative games and role play. The class starts with identifying challenges with the common, current leadership model. Three scenarios are performed illustrating familiar outcomes.
Participants are then taught the EMPOWER model. They then participate in a strategy session, designed to use the model to effect the scenarios. A volunteer represents each team in an attempt to apply the strategy to the scenarios against a trained improv actor.
Participants leave the session feeling energized, and EMPOWERed.

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