Ignitable Liquids & Class B Foams

DATE: August 01, 2019

Course Dates/Times:
Thursday, August 1st – 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Thursday, August 15th – 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Contact: Jeff Stokes @ 573-247-9183
Register: https://sematraining.com/courses/19/offerings/7534

Target Audience: Fire & HAZMAT

Course Description:
This flammable liquid program was developed by National Foam and is considered one of the most comprehensive foam fire fighting programs in the nation. It is designed to assist with emergency response preparedness and to help increase the technical competence of firefighters. The course starts with a 4-hour classroom session and is followed by live fire evolutions, demonstrating the proper techniques for gaining access and controlling ignited and un-ignited flammable liquids.

FULL PERSONAL PROTECTIVE GEAR INCLUDING SCBA IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN EVOLUTIONS AND RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE. Full PPE (fire fighting turn out gear) includes: helmet, hood, coat, bunker pants, gloves, and boots. It is recommended that PPE meet current NFPA standards for fire fighting protective equipment. Please note, you will also be required to be clean shaven to partake in the live fire evolutions and receive a certificate of completion.
Must be 18 to participate in live burn portions of the class. May still attend lecture portion.

Dent County Fire Protection District
2 S Main St, Salem, Missouri 65560