Acquired Structure (House) Burn

DATE: September 08, 2018

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An acquired structure burn is a unique opportunity for fire fighters to learn new skills, as well as, to hone previously acquired abilities. As a result, this course has been designed for fire fighters of every background, training and experience level. The course is appropriate for any volunteer, paid on-call, or career fire department member. Topics covered will include fire behavior, hose movement, ventilation techniques, search and rescue, fire attack, and coordinated fire attack. Drills and scenarios will be customized to match the resources and personnel available. There may be instances where all topics are not covered due to structure, equipment, and/or personnel limitations.

A number of additional prerequisites must be met prior to lighting the fires for training. The property owner must provide written permission and an Agreement for Burning of Property form. The department hosting the training must obtain an Open Burning Permit (available from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency). An asbestos inspection must be conducted by an appropriate entity. Asbestos must be removed prior to burning the property. The required forms and applications will be forwarded to departments requesting this training and local property owners should be informed that permits must be obtained from the IEPA even if they choose to burn or tear the property down themselves. A safety checklist and list of required equipment is also sent with the permit forms.

NOTE: Protective Clothing Required — Participants must furnish approved helmet, turn out gear, eye protection, gloves, SCBA, and boots for this class. This course is delivered at local fire departments.




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This class is grant funded. However, if you decide to withdraw from the course, you must notify IFSI (in writing) no later than four weeks prior to the start of the course.Failure to do so will result in you or your agency being billed the full amount of $0.00


9/8/18 8:00AM – 9/8/18 5:00PM


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