ACLS (Renew)

DATE: February 27, 2020

PRICE: 160.00


This RENEWAL course combines Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) with Basic Life Support (BLS) to create a dual-recertification option for busy healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, and paramedics, who work in settings where cardiopulmonary arrest is likely to occur and where advanced interventions are available (e.g., emergency departments, intensive care and critical care units, and prehospital emergency medical services).  

1 Class. 2 Cards.

Our ACLS Provider RENEWAL Course now includes BLS Recertification!


Course Completion Testing:

Written Exams: You will be given two written examinations: BLS and ACLS. The minimum passing score on each is 84%.

Skills Exams: You will be required to demonstrate all BLS and ACLS practical skills. These skills examinations include infant CPR, adult CPR, and one Megacode station wherein you act as team leader.

For more information on BLS testing, click here. For ACLS, click here.


Provider Manuals: You are responsible for acquiring your own provider manuals and bringing them to class.

Two manuals are required for this combo course. Both are available in paperback or as eBooks:

  • ACLS Provider Manual – Item #: 15-1005; ISBN: 978-1-61669-400-5
  • ACLS Provider eBook – Item #: 15-3100
  • BLS Provider Manual – Item #: 15-1010;  ISBN: 978-1-61669-407-4
  • BLS Provider eBook – Item #: 15-3102; ISBN:  978-1-61669-410-4


Manuals may be purchased at


Precourse Requirements:

1) Copies of your unexpired ACLS and BLS Provider cards.

2) ACLS Precourse Self-Assessment – Completion Certificate. Before coming to class, you must complete all modules of the self-assessment with a passing score of 70%. Bring a copy of the completion certificate to class. More information is contained in the front of your ACLS provider manual. This is a mandatory requirement from the AHA!

  • Watch the ACLS 2015 Science Overview Video and review the CPR and AED Skills Video on the AHA Student Website. You will be tested on 1-rescuer adult CPR and AED skills at the beginning of the ACLS Provider Course.
  • Review and understand the information in your ACLS Provider Manual. Pay particular attention to the 10 cases in Part 5.

Failure to complete all mandatory precourse assignments will result in immediate expulsion from the class, without exception**


What This Course Does Not Teach:

You will not be taught pharmacology dynamics nor how to interpret ECGs. If you do not learn and understand this information from the ACLS textbook or AHA Student Website, it is recommended that you study supplementary resources on the AHA Student Website prior to attending.


Physical Limitations:

If you have any physical limitations which may impair your ability to perform any of the skills (e.g., continuous and effective chest compressions), please inform your instructor as soon as possible. We will accommodate your needs as best as possible within AHA and ADA requirements.


AHA Completion Cards and Course Certificates:

SCCAD will process your AHA Provider eCards within 20 days of the completion of this course.

The ACLS & BLS provider certications are valid for a period of two years and meet one component of relicensure in the State of Missouri.


** The completion of the Pre-course Self-Assessment modules is required by AHA guidelines, and is therefore mandatory prior to attending class. In order for SCCAD to be compliant with AHA requirementss, no exceptions will be made

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ACLS Provider Renewal (with BLS recertification)
Date/Time: Thu 2/27/2020 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Location: St. Charles County Ambulance District Training Center
Class Price: $160.00